Sinhala Chords

Here you can get all the lyrics, chords for chorus, verse, intro and interlude all in one piece of paper. What We would recommend, is to print them all out and file them neatly and have them on standby all ready for you to entertain the crowd.

Top 5 Artists

  • Clarence Wijewardena Clarence Wijewardena Well known artist among Sri Lankans, who inspired the Sri Lankan music era in 70’s and 80’s with his great skills. Still people love his songs and specially his unique voice.
  • Rookantha Gunathilake Rookantha Gunathilake A popular Sri Lankan singer, songwriter and composer. Rookantha started his career as a solo singer in late 1980s. He frequently duets with his wife Chandralekha Perera.
  • Victor Ratnayake Victor Ratnayake Victor Ratnayake (born February 18, 1942) is a popular Sri Lankan musician. He was the first Sri Lankan musician to hold a live one man concert; His concert known as "SA" was first performed in 1973, and was an instant success.
  • Kasun Kalhara Kasun Kalhara One of the exceptions thrown from the Sri Lankan modern music stream. He is one of the best singers in the modern generation. Not only he is a singer but he is a composer too. His unique voice and the music style influenced the younger generation in last few years.
  • H.R.Jothipala H.R.Jothipala “Jothi” well known figure in Sri Lankan music industry. He sang hundreds of songs which inspired the film industry in early stages and still people whisper his songs. It doesn’t matter what your age, this person’s unique voice will attract you.

Chords of Sinhala songs are categorized by the name of the artist.