FAQ - Sinhala Guitar Lessons with Tabs and Chords

1.What is Guitarlk?
Guitarlk is for all sri lankan guitar enthusiasts including amateur & professional guitarists. This is the one and only site that brings you video lessons, tabs, chords, especially video tutorials of sinhala songs. Actually learning from video lessons is very effective. They are all clearly arranged and easy to understand. Watching video lessons also brings you a good sense in music, and guitar arrangements. The guitarlk forum is a place for all type of guitar enthusiasts, where new meets old. you can post your chords, tabs, music thoery, midi tracks, your knowledge on musical instruments, even your classified ads! You can make requests on musical stuff and hopefully seniors will help juniors!


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3.Why a Permuim membership?
    Guitarlk is a free site for all our users. most of the options are available free, with some limits and restrictions. but a premium  member can have access to all our video lessons and tutorials. But you necessarily don't have to be a premium member to enjoour service.

4.Why should I pay to be a premium member?

Hosting files and making video tutorials cost us. That is why we charge small fee. Actually what you pay is a fraction of what you can get here.


5.How to be a premium member?
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