Master Sir Guitar Lesson

Master Sir Guitar Lesson

Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce Ivan Milenkovic from will do few guest lessons here.

He will be teaching you how to play the guitar solo of Master sir (BnS version).He has simplified the solo so that any beginner-intermediate player can try to play it without any hassle.

Every lick is  slowed down, to show you exactly how they are played.Guitar tab is also available.

Good luck!

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This song is the theme song of  'Kalu Diya Dahara' A movie about colonial Sri Lanka, and the song is about the dignity of labour.
Lyrics written in English by meastro Nimal Mendis and it was translated by Karunaratne Abeysekera.
It was sung originally by Neville Fernando of Los Caberelos.
This song was then sung by Neela Wickremesinghe with a different tempo. Many people have misunderstood that Neela's song was the original, but it is not, and Neville sang the original.

BNS remixed this song in their new album "Sara Sihina".

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Guitar Lesson