Rhythm Patterns For Sinhala Songs

Rhythm Patterns for Sinhala Songs

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Another fresh video tutorial that's gonna be extremely useful for you.
    Strumming! sounds cool, huh! Thats all what you need when you are singing for yourself in a lonely hour, or a home party, shool trip, or at you'r friend's birthday party.It's the rhythm guitar played with some awesome strumming patterns that bings the fullness in to your vocals.
    You would have searched and watched a lot of video tutorials on "how to play this and that".There are really useful lessons on strumming patterns on YT.But most of them are for english songs.In this lesson series we are going to teach you  a set of useful srumming patterns that would enable you to play  almost any sinhala song .Actually if you carefully observe these patterns, you could make your own strumming pattern.
how cool ha?
Enjoy the lesson!


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