Sandai Tharui Guitar Lesson

Sandai Tharui Guitar Lesson

Song- Sandai Tharui
Artist - Clarence Wijewardane
Key - F major
Beat - 6/8

Hello everyone, today we are going to learn a pop song by Clarence. This song is played in F major.  I've selected the bridge pickup-only position (position 1) as the tone and added some reverb for the tone.
Follow the lesson and play the whole song from start to end with no mistakes, you'll learn palm mute technique and some patterns of F Major scale as it takes a wide range of the fret board. You'll also learn the importance of continuous playing.
The lesson was split into four parts Introduction, Song, Interlude and Verse. Ask your friend to strum the chords and you
play the lead.  
Have Fun!

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