Sinhala Guitar Lessons with Tabs and Chords
Sinhala Guitar Lessons with Tabs and Chords
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We provide guitar tutorials ,guitar tabs and guitar chords for sinhala songs.First they are performed on guitar at normal speed, then they are slowed down, to show you exactly how they are played. Follow the instructor's hands step by step as he plays each song.With slow and fast video illustrations, you won't miss a note. But remember that you have to learn the correct techniques from a teacher  to play any instrument properly .

 Why anyone can learn the solos?

Many great musicians have started at a late age. Talent  is something you are born with. Some people learn faster than others. some people can never learn. Call it karma, gift or whatever you want. But talent only will not do. You have to learn the proper skill and then develop it. Talent will only help you to develop faster. If your friend plays better than you, it's because...
  •    he has learnt the proper method
  •    he has practiced more than you (even though he would never admit it)
  •    he has received important advice from a more experienced guitarist
  •    he has been introduced to music at an early age
...NOT because he has "guitar genes" in his blood!!  

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